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February 15, 2019

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a PD day for all staff, it is a half day for students.   

Morning bus runs

Both bus runs to Little Buffalo School are cancelled this morning due to the cold weather.    PLEASE NOTE: My apologies for the late notice, both bus runs are running after school today! 

Bus run

Good morning, both buses to Little Buffalo will not be running today due to the cold weather. Thanks  UPDATE: Both buses will run after school, please share. 

Little Buffalo School bus runs Cancelled

**Broadcast Message**Due to the extreme weather conditions, KTCEA has cancelled all school bus runs for Tuesday, February 5, 2019. The school will remain open. Please share. 

Both bus runs cancelled

*Broadcast message*All buses are cancelled for Monday February 4,2019. The school will be open. Please share. Thank you 

Parent Session


Community Christmas dinner/ Christmas Concert

Little Buffalo School will be having a Christmas Community dinner on Wednesday, December 19th beginning at 5pm. The concert to follow.  Please share. 

Swim Trip for grades ECS, 9 and High School

Dear Parents and Guardians,  Just a reminder that ECS, grade 9-12 will going on a swim trip on Monday.  Please ensure that your child or children are prepared for this trip.  Please share. Thank you

Lillian's after school bus run

Dear Parents and Guardians,  our apologizes for the late notice but there will be no after school bus run today for Little Buffalo/Metis Hall today due to mechanical issues. Please call arrange transportation for your child or children.  Thank you  

Trickster Productions

Dear Parents and Guardians,  as you may already all know, we have had Trickster Theatre Company in the school all week working with classes.  It has been a very busy and fun week for the students.  We would like to invite all parents and community…